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New Home Construction

Johns Island & Kiawah Island

Maghwa's New Home Builders Guide in Kiawah Island & Johns Island


Meet & Greet

Schedule a build site tour that marks the beginning of your new journey!


Design Concept

Develop all the main components of your build and how they fit together


Material Selection

A process in which you choose the exterior and interior DNA of your new living experience


Design Approval

Maghwa’s seal of approval provides verification that your living environment meet your design standards


Construction Phase

Through consistent and accurate hard work, we bring your home to life!


Move in

Time to transition into your home and flourish within your new surroundings

Custom Home Builders in Kiawah island & Johns Island

At Maghwa Luxury Builders our goal is to design and build a home through the lens of the client’s life. Maghwa thrives to achieve architectural original design through ethics, space, and poetics to match each and individual client(s) needs.

Creative Collaboration

PHASE 1 – Meet & Greet

During the consultation phase, we learn about you, and your design expectations for your dream home. Our design team wants to hear about your design inspirations.

We encourage you to bring pictures, magazine clippings, share your Houzz idea books and Pinterest boards. From these images, our design team will create a mood board to create a cohesive design mood for you.

During this phase, we discuss budget, expectations, construction timelines, while creating a foundation for a concept for the design. Our design team leader will create a proposal for the project and a contract will be created.

Environmental Harmony


When you consider designing and building a new home we encourage all clients to be thinking about a home site.

The home site profoundly affects the design concept of the home. We encourage all our clients to have previously purchased a site or to be in a contract for a new purchase of a home site.

We can assist a client with finding a home site that suits the location, lot size, price point, amenities, and school district.

Architectural Muse

PHASE 3 – Design Concept

Once in a contract for design and we have gathered and reviewed all the information of what type of home you desire, we move forward with creating a concept.

During this phase, you will work closely with our staff to hone in on creating a functional, desirable home that fits your needs. We will be sure to design your home to meet the Kiawah Island or Johns Island review board.

While in this phase our design team will visit the home site multiple times to understand the home site and surrounding environment to create a cohesive blend of home style and native plantings to create a concept that works with your expectations while fitting eloquently in the chosen home site.

Habitual Poetics

PHASE 4 – Initial Design

In this phase of design, the client visually gets to see their dream home come to life on the page. Our design team is creating exterior elevations, working with the space, and volume of the home and design inspiration you have given us. At this phase, we begin to create preliminary floor plans, for you to review so we can better understand your lifestyle needs.

During this phase, the client will be a partner in the designing of his or her own home. We will listen to their daily needs to create a functional floor plan that matches their design expectations.

We work closely with our design team, architects, and engineers and interior designers to create a design you are proud of. During this phase we use 3-D rendering software to visually show you how your home design sits on your new home site, also we are creating a full set of construction documents and set of plans.

Floral of Color

PHASE 5 – Material Selections

We know that material selections for a new home can be intense so we begin to meet with our vendors so you can learn more about all the products available for your home, like windows, doors, siding, and roofing materials. We believe in educating our clients on products so they can make the correct selection for their home.

We have experience in purchasing from vendors from New Zealand, London, Belgium, and locally across the United States. We have a strong understanding of building science and will work with our engineers as well as vendors to allow you to have a vast knowledge about a product before the installation.

Textures of Luxury

PHASE 6 – Material final selection

Maghwa encourages our clients to choose products that fit into their home design and budget, we will make sure our clients have samples, color options, texture options, along with all specifications that show concisely how the product looks and reacts to the climate and also the installation guidelines.

We know that during the build a client might make an adjustment to the material selection based on either budget or design changes as the new home is being built. Any changes made during the build for material selections will be made with a written change order. A selection change order will be explained at length so you the client fully understand the change order process.

Cannon of Print

PHASE 7 – Design Approval

We have a great understanding and experience with presenting to an HOA architectural review board. We review the requirements of the HOA and work closely with you and the HOA to ensure your dream home is built in your initial design concept. We also understand that some HOA’s have stricter rules than others but our experience will allow the process to move quickly and smoothly.

Development of an Impression

PHASE 8 – Pre-Construction Phase

As custom home builders, we understand that planning a new construction project is the most important phase. During this phase, we create a construction calendar, pre-order materials if needed, and contact our local vendors and subcontractors to allow the appropriate timelines for the construction so we never wait on materials or subcontractors that could impede the timeline of the construction phase. Lastly during this phase, if applicable we will be applying for a well and septic permit if required.

Dawn of Inspiration

PHASE 9 – Permits are submitted

We work closely with local building inspectors to ensure that the local code is met as well as the International Building Code. Upon submission of permits, we have made the final adjustments to the construction schedule so once the building permit is issued we start the foundation of the home. During this phase, the site prep for the home happening.

All tree removal and debris from the building footprint will be removed and a rock driveway will be placed. We also contact the local electric company so our electrician can install temporary power for the building site. As custom home builders, we take great pride in preparations for a build. No detail is too small.

Systematic Arrangement

PHASE 10 – Construction Phase

One of the happiest days for our clients is when they receive their building permit and the construction of their home begins. Our construction team will always be at your build site to oversee all construction. We have in house carpenters who will work with you and the subcontractors to ensure your dream home is built to your specifications.

During this time the design team works weekly if not daily to allow you to see the vision on paper with 3-D renderings and sketches to allow you to see the construction progress before and while it’s happening. Our construction manager will be updating you with photos, live web cameras, and excel budget spreadsheets, weekly or daily if we feel that is required. Our team believes in full transparency. Our goal is to communicate in full all construction phases of your home.

Progress Preserved

PHASE 12 – Continue Construction Phase

As the foundation is being poured, or timber piles are being installed we confirm with you your selections. During the early stages, we make sure that all your material selections are ordered and tentative delivery timelines are in place.

Our team of carpenters will be working with you to ensure you feel comfortable with the room dimensions, spaces, and volume of the home. We believe in a construction process where your input is important to us. Along with working with our team of carpenters, our subcontractors will provide you with any information you might be interested in for the mechanical systems. The construction of a home is a group effort and you are the most important member of our team.

Fabric of Completion

PHASE 13 – Welcome Home

As custom home builders, we take great pride in all our homes and all our projects, and as well you should take great pride in designing and building your custom dream home.

At this phase, we walk through the home upon completion to ensure all construction is done to the design specifications agreed upon. Additionally, all of our homes come with a 1-3 year warranty.